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Richmond Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Kiritsis looking over x-rays

Dr. Kiritsis, a Richmond native, is a board-certified knee and shoulder specialist. He is the Head Team Physician for the University of Richmond and the Richmond Kickers. He has served as the team physician for a number of athletic teams on the professional, collegiate, and high school levels.  In addition, Dr. Kiritsis holds a subspecialty certification in sports medicine and has extensive experience in the treatment of both athletic and degenerative knee and shoulder disorders. This certification is a testament to his tireless pursuit of excellence in the fields of sports medicine and knee and shoulder surgery.

Dr. Kiritsis has held the position of Assistant Clinical professor at MCV in shoulder surgery. He was one of a small group of surgeons including physicians from the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins to be a part of the initial evaluation team for the Biomet Comprehensive Shoulder Arthroplasty System. In addition, he was an investigator on the IDE study for the NANO stemless humeral implant designed for total shoulder replacement and is a faculty member for the Zimmer Biomet International Surgeon Education Program. These international surgeons will be traveling to St. Francis to observe Dr. Kiritsis while he performs arthroscopic and open knee and shoulder surgeries.  In addition, Dr. Kiritsis has traveled across the country teaching other orthopedic surgeons cutting edge open and arthroscopic techniques for the knee and shoulder.

Dr. Kiritsis is the founder of Sports Medicine Consulting, LLC which primarily focuses on new product development and consulting services.  He provides opinions in malpractice and legal cases in need of an experts opinion.  Dr. Kiritsis holds two orthopedic patents with others pending and is one of the design surgeons for the ALPS Proximal Humeral Plating System, the ALPS Clavicle Plating System and the Zimmer-Biomet subscapularis repair kit.

Dr. Kiritsis has two patents:

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