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Rob Ukrop - Richmond Kickers

“As a team doctor during my final seasons as a professional soccer player, Dr. Kiritsis was instrumental in our team’s success. His attention to detail, thorough evaluations, and sports medicine knowledge helped keep the Richmond Kickers healthy, and when we weren’t healthy, helped get us back on the field so we could compete. Dr. Kiritsis had a balanced approach which I welcomed as a professional athlete, since my long term orthopaedic health was always at odds with my competitive need to get back on the field as quick as possible.”

– Rob Ukrop, Richmond Kickers

Ronnie Pascale - Richmond Kickers

Dr. Kiritsis is great!!! As a professional athlete, I have to be back on the field, pain free, as quickly as possible. I have had a number of injuries and Dr. Kiritsis got me back on the field quicker than I expected each time. There is no doubt in my mind that without Dr. Kiritsis, I would not still be playing with the Richmond Kickers.”

– Ronnie Pascale
Goalie, Richmond Kickers
Assistant Soccer Coach,
Virginia Commonwealth University


“As the Athletic Trainer for the Richmond Kickers Soccer team, I had the privilege of working with Dr. Kiritsis on several occasions. Not only did he gain my respect with
his professionalism and skill in sports medicine, his casual rapport and pleasant bedside manner made it easy for my athletes to trust his judgment and treatment. They felt they were in good hands, and many of them now ask to see Dr. Kiritsis for all of their athletic-related injuries.”

– Wendy Sheppard, Head Women’s Athletic Trainer
Virginia Commonwealth University

football players“I cannot thank Dr. Kiritsis enough for the job in operating on my knee. I suffered a major injury in the beginning of my redshirt junior year and thought I would not be able to continue my playing career. His high level of skill and expertise allowed me to make a full recovery for my redshirt senior year. I had the utmost confidence in my operation and no hesitation in getting back on the field. He would continue to check on me as our team physician making sure I was doing well in the training room, weight room, and on the football field.”

– Nick V. #93
Richmond Spiders

soccer players“I tore my ACL, MCL, and meniscus during October of 2014 while on a soccer trial in Helsinki, Finland. By April of 2015, I was back on the field. From the reading of my MRI all the way through to the surgery itself, Dr. Kiritsis was there every step of the way. I was back to playing in 5 months, and I’ve enjoyed a long professional career since then, free of any problems with my knee. Thank you Dr. Kiritsis for giving me the chance to play again.”

– Nathan R.

field hockey players“I am a field hockey player and complained of pain along the back of my right knee. After a couple of days, the pain increased and influenced my ability to play field hockey and my every day life. I went to see the team physician, Dr. Paul Kiritsis. He informed me that he thought that I had a tear in my lateral meniscus and he advised me to undergo an MRI. The results confirmed Dr. Kiritsis’ consult; I had a tear in my meniscus. From the start, he made me feel comfortable and provided me with all the information needed. After my season, Dr. Kiritsis performed an arthroscopic surgery to remove the tear in my meniscus. The surgery was done perfectly and I received a perfect follow-up! I did not experience a lot of pain and was able to go back to my every day life after two weeks. After 6 weeks, I was 100% recovered and I was able to start running without any discomfort or pain. I was lucky to get in contact with Dr. Kiritsis. I want to thank Dr. Kiritsis for everything he has done. He fixed my knee and gave me the chance to keep on playing field hockey at a high level.”

– Laetitia Commeyne
Richmond Field Hockey, 2017

person riding a horse“Being that my profession entails galloping at solid obstacles at over 25 mph I am well aware of the inherent risk that comes along with my unbridled passion to reach the Olympic podium. Far too often we as Olympic equestrian athletes find ourselves with broken bones and shattered hopes due to a season ending prematurely. In the fall of 2016 I had a client’s horse simply trip and fall which resulted in my shattering the right Humerus along with severely tearing my rotator cuff, bicep and deltoid muscles.

My first interaction with Dr. Kiritsis was one of desperation as my accident happened at the end of the work week and there was literally no possible way I was going to make it through the weekend without immediate repair and attention to my ailing shoulder. After seeing my outlandish masterpiece of an X-ray, Dr. Kiritsis re-arranged his schedule to fit me into the OR to rebuild my shoulder. Following the surgery my shoulder has come back to full use and I feel back to 100% with an injury that was quite literally as awesome as it was gruesome. Thanks to doc I am back in the tack and back to doing what I love again: chasing the dream of Olympic grandeur! Here’s to Tokyo 2020! Thank you Dr. Kiritsis and Ortho Virginia!”

– Laine A

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